8 Tips for a healthy scalp

As a professional hairstylist and colourist, I am sharing my 8 top tips to easily take care of your scalp daily. 

Over the years, I have noticed that more and more people get chronic scalp issues such as redness, overly oily and sensitive scalp, alopecia areata, dandruff... the list goes on. 


Hair is the reflection of your health.


Do you believe in this saying? I do.

Change in your scalp is often a symptom of an underlying condition. 

Each transition of our life or state can be affected by the natural shift of our hormones, which directly impacts our scalp and health in general. 

Any condition must be considered seriously to be treated; however, how do you take care of your scalp daily to keep it as healthy and fresh as possible while living life to the fullest? 


Here are my top 8 tips for YOU, followed by some haircare to help you with your healthy scalp journey. 


    TIP 1 Do not overwash your hair 

    Wash your hair too often could cause scalp irritation, and your colour will wash out too quickly. 

    Refrain from washing your hair 3-4 times a week; instead assess how dirty your hair and scalp are + if there is any dry shampoo build-up justifying a hair wash. 


    TIP 2 Best hair care or nothing 

    Do Not pick a product based on how attractive its packaging is or how lovely it will look in your bathroom shelf. Instead, let's aim for clean composition, or as natural as possible, ideally not organic, to ensure your chemically processed hair gets the love it needs. 

    You can defo rely on Davines. 

    Davines Oi Collection, best smelling and natural products for all hair types


    TIP 3 Avoid harsh products. 

    If you feel your hair is never clean or too oily, focus on finding the "why" instead of using the strongest cleanser that won't help fix the issue and could make things worse + dry your hair. Instead, treat your scalp with rebalancing treatments rather than cleansing. 


    TIP 4 Invest in scalp scrub.

     We love a scalp scrub, yes, but not any, as some can be very oily, and the scrub could be very irritating too.

    My absolute favourite is a shampoo called Detoxifying by Davines; it gently cleanses the scalp and smells of fresh mint... love it! 


    TIP 5 Reduce the build-ups. 

    Anything building up causes your scalp to suffocate, and when your scalp cannot breathe, this is when troubles arise; this is why you want to use silicone-free products + avoid using too much dry shampoo ( try this dry shampoo ), especially overly powdery ones.


    TIP 6 Use scalp massagers

     Scalp massagers are trendy, extremely efficient, and good for your scalp. Use one with soft bristles and bendable material. 

    You can use manual scalp massagers but you can also use an electric scalp massager; have you ever tried one?

    It feels so good! Transform the dreaded hair wash into a blissful moment, and your scalp will absolutely love it! 


    TIP 7 Scalp serum 

    Hydrate your scalp with a scalp oil or serum treating your scalp to a lovely fingertips massage. It will enhance the blood flow in the neck and head area and promote hair growth; it also conditions the scalp, helping to prevent flakes and a dry and itchy scalp. Plus, this is such a relaxing moment.


    TIP 8  Reduce stress + mind your diet 


    I am not here to tell you off or judge your diet or lifestyle. 

    However, here are some facts: 

    • The subcutaneous blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients for the hairif you're not getting certain nutrients from food, you might see the effects in your hair → eat well and do not hesi­tate to take supplements when needed.
    • Stress impacts your hormones and health on so many levels. Stress increases the production of certain hormones and releases pro-inflammatory chemicals that disrupt the skin's barrier function and can trigger skin irritation and inflammation. 

      I hope my 8 top tips will help you better understand the benefit of caring for your scalp and your hair in general.

      Are you a time-poor person? Here is a link to an editable READY-TO-SHOP CART with all my favourite haircare and brushes for a heathy scalp. 

      Sending you love and positive vibes, 




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