Collection: Cool Brunette Edit

This edit is for my brunettes wearing their balayage cool-toned rather than warm and always aiming for the champagne / ashy tones rather than the golden ones.

If you'd like to keep the brassiness away, this edit will change your hair routine for the better! A routine is like a healthy diet; it's effective in the long run only if it's sustainable. In other words, it needs to be easy and enjoyable.

A few essential to know:
- Your hair is balayaged, probably bleached, and consequently, to be shiny and soft, it needs moisture and hydration.
-Minimal heat and UV rays are an absolute must.
- The reason your balayage is not looking bleached blonde is because of the toner/gloss giving your blonde the wanted tone: this gloss will fade out from the very first shampoo and will need regular top-up at home in between salon visits.


Hair Routine suggestion + hacks



If your hair tends to be very dirty when you wash it or if you've been sweating a lot, always do two shampoos. 




Heart of glass rich conditioner and once a week Alchemic conditioner + spotlight Circle mask mixed together for max shine and moisture, leave in on 10 min or + to cool down your hair. 




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