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The Manta PULSE Brush

The Manta PULSE Brush

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Discover MANTA Pulse: The electric scalp massager, healthier hair and scalp at the touch of a button.


The revolutionary Manta brush bends and moulds to the shape of your hand and scalp, creating less tension on each strand. Its flexible bristles gently massage the scalp and glide seamlessly through the hair, minimising breakage and restoring a youthful, silky shine.

Manta offers ultimate home hair and scalp spa therapy for minimum hair breakage and maximum shine. Manta is suitable for all hair types, including fine, fragile, thick, curls, coils, children, men, and hair extension wearers.

=>The Clever Bit

Pioneering patented FLEXGUARD technology on the base enables each bristle to have complete 360 degree motion so it never reaches the stress point that causes breakage. Manta gently frees knots:


Manta Electric scalp massager stimulates the scalp with 2,000 or 4,000 pulsations per minute

12 reasons to love Manta Electric scalp massager and its magnetic pulse technology:

1-Scalp exfoliator

2-Ultra-gentle: Minimum breakage, maximum shine

3-Suitable for all hair types and hair extensions

4-Non-slip grip

5-Bendable base mould to the shape of your scalp

6- True ergonomic handle - glove-like hold

7-Ultra-hygienic medical-grade materials

8-Patented FLEXGUARD technology enables each super-soft bristle to have complete 360-degree motion


10- Heat-resistant up to 80c


12-100% recyclable


How to use

You can use the Manta as part of your daily skincare routine and notice healthier, stronger, glowing younger-looking hair:

" When shampooing to exfoliate your scalp gently

On wet hair, apply a conditioning treatment roots to tips.

Before use, bend and flex the MANTA in your hands - the more you do this more flexible it becomes. 

Place the handle between your fingers to give you maximum control and comfort.


Clarisse Pro Tips

Brushing your hair incorrectly or with an unsuitable brush can damage your hair, irritate your scalp and cause breakage. 

Did you know it? Proper blood circulation in your scalp ensures a steady supply of blood to the hair follicles, promoting hair growth and scalp health.

Manta is such a good product for many reasons, and I am not surprised it has become a favourite at my hair studios. I usually brush the hair at 2000 pulsation minutes, then 4000 before a fingertips head massage at the backwash.

This is the most relaxing experience you can take home; treat yourself and your family too!

The Manta Pulse brush is the little plus that has taken my haircare routine to a new level. I AM ADDICTED!

There is nothing such as a clean and healthy scalp- and Scalp massager; our scalp holds so much tension, and massaging your scalp improves the blood flow + promotes hair growth. So massaging our scalp should be an essential of our routine at least once a week.

Manta has become a hype in the hair beauty world: influencers and for a good reason!

Dimensions and colours

Grey and gold

Width: 5.5 cm

Depth: 7.8 cm

Length: 11 cm

Material & Care

Made from ultra-hygienic, super-soft medical-grade heat-resistant & 100% recyclable materials using patented FLEXGUARD technology. Manta was created to glide responsively through your hair using a specialist soft touch material, meaning no rough edges to catch or tear the hair shaft.


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Why we love Davines

Founded in Parma, Italy in 1983 by the Bollati Family, Davines Group started as a research laboratory, producing high-end hair care products for renowned cosmetic companies worldwide.

At Davines every product is born from intuition and is processed with an artisan spirit using the most advanced cosmetic technologies.

The formulations favour the use of ingredients of natural origin, are generated with renewable electric energy and packaged minimising the environmental impact, inspired by the ideal of Sustainable Beauty as an inseparable unity between Beauty and Good.