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Balayage is not a colour but a versatile technique where we paint on hair, and I genuinely believe it can make anybody happy when it comes to low maintenance. Of course, low maintenance does not mean any home maintenance at all!

In fact, beautiful hair is the result of teamwork. In the salon, we create your dream colour, and your mission is to keep it fresh and alive until your next appointment. Not to mention that keeping your hair healthy looking will totally serve you in the long run.

I am often asked, "how often should I wash my hair?".
The brutal truth is that every time you wash your hair, your gloss will fade a little more, meaning the less you wash it, the better. This is why a dry Shampoo will be a game changer, but sadly - and for your scalp's sake! - you cannot live on it for weeks. How convenient would it be, right? I don't know about you, but I am totally addicted to the delicious smell of the Davines Dry shampoo!





Blonde Balayage Edits
Here is my Balayage Edit for my blonde ladies aiming to keep their hair gorgeous and healthy.

When it comes to hair - or anything else!- let's always aim for the best or nothing.

Love, Clarisse xxx


Hair Routine suggestion + hacks



If your hair tends to be very dirty when you wash it or if you've been sweating a lot, always do two shampoos. 




Heart of glass intense Treatment once a week and Oi Butter the rest of the time. 




 Game changers