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SO Liberty Scrunchy - limited edition

SO Liberty Scrunchy - limited edition

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So Liberty Silk Scrunchies are the most timeless and chic accessory + a true outfit statement.

You won't only choose them because they are soft and high-end looking but also because Silk scrunchies are good for your hair. 

Replacing your classic elastic hair ties with silk scrunchy means no pulling and breaking when removing your ponytail, plus less friction means most likely reducing the risk of dry hair and split ends. 


Made of 100% silk, SO Liberty scrunchies are incredibly shiny and colourful; their expensive-looking patterns will complement any outfit: and take any hairstyle to the next level!


SO Liberty Silk scrunchies are a true statement that will quickly become indispensable to your lifestyle. Effortless pony or sophisticated bun on top of your head, those scrunchies are a true statement and perfect for a bridesmaid look, a chilling day at home or a csual day at work.

Wrapped around your wrist, carry them with you worldwide and stand out!


Size guide

SO. Liberty silk scrunchies* inches diameter centimeter diameter
 MINI 3 8
TIMELESS 5.5/6 14/16
FOREVER CHIC  9.5/10.5 25/27
*Please note, every item is handmade, and the size might vary slightly.. 


 Clarisse's tips  

Silk is a luxurious material, and I am genuinely obsessed with the SO Liberty Silk Scrunchies! 

Years ago, I understood that silk is a fantastic ally to your hair and knowing that silk is hypoallergenic and will keep bacteria away completely sold me.

What's important to know about silk is that it is a smooth and soft material that could be slippery on fine/silky hair and loose hairstyles; this is why SO Liberty silk scrunchies are all designed with a resistant and wide inner elastic band. If you need more hold on smooth hair, you can also superimpose different sizes of scrunchies or add invisible grips to secure your favourite hairstyles.

My fave styling products for ponytails and buns are The Volu spray for body and hold, the Invisible serum for a smooth finish, the Texturising dust for dramatic volume and texture and, of course, Davines strong hairspray securing any hairstyle smelling of Vanilla cinnamon. 

Check my fave styling products here

My team and I did pour so much love into this project, every scrunchy represents 1.5H of labour, and we are so proud of the final product!

Please Tag @sohairboutique on your favourite hairstyles and unboxing, as we still pinch ourselves about the SO. Silk Liberty scrunchies that will soon be home with you!










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